Princess Blueyez

First Impressions

Not surprisingly, Princess Blueeyez has an amazing pair of blue eyes. Their crystal blue and they sparkle whenever the light hits them, which is quite often during her photo shoots. To go with her amazing eyes Blue has a beautiful smile, a sexy body with great tits, and a tanned skin tone that makes everything a little bit sexier. There’s a picture of her on the free tour where she’s posing in a red lace bra and panty set, and it’s just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. If the member’s area has more of that it’s going to be a fun ride.

Hot Promises

One thing they make very clear is that Blue Eyez is an amateur teen babe. They want you to know that she’s not a professional model simply launching a site to cash in. She’s all amateur and she’s doing it because she loves showing off her body and she’s just fine with making a little extra cash. They also point out that she has 34C breasts and that there are tons of cam shows to be enjoyed as a member. Other highlights include 4 new picture sets a month, 2 high definition videos a month, weekly journal entries, and plenty of bonus content.


The member’s area begins with an introductory note from Blue Eyez and her latest journal entry. After you’ve read up on the happenings of her life you can check out the cam schedule, the list of latest updates, or one of the many ads strewn about the main page. If you’d like to get straight to the content you can refer to the nav bar along the top of the page that should take you wherever you need to go. Inside the pictures section you’ll find more than 250 galleries, which is where I started my journey.

Producing 250 galleries is pretty damn impressive, and it means more than anything that Blue Eyez is dedicated to providing her members with continuous updates. She wants to make sure that you always have something knew to enjoy. A new gallery is added every week and in recent months those updates have also come with a video of the shoot. The videos can be boring because you’re basically watching Blue Eyez stand still while the camera flashes, but the fact that they provide these videos and other videos shot specifically for the site is a huge bonus. Download a few and see if they do it for you.

Most galleries have 30-80 images of Blue Eyez doing her thing. Given that she pushes herself as an amateur teen you’re going to see a lot of content that reinforces that. Basically, that means a lot of her posing in t-shirts, tank tops, and cotton panties. Of course, Blue Eyez knows that her members like something a little extra so she gives you plenty of galleries that feature her posing in lace underwear and the occasional lingerie set. If I had to guess, I’d say the content was divided 50/50 between the teen themed and the sexy.

My favorite set features Blue Eyez and Krissy Love, a sexy blonde teen, posing together as slutty schoolgirls. One schoolgirl is fun, but when you throw in two the possibilities are limitless. These two make quite a team as they show off their tight asses, their flat stomachs, and their sexy uniforms. The one thing you won’t see in any Princess Blue Eyez gallery is her naked breasts. She’s a non nude model, but she shows just about every other inch of her body in the process, so it’s not a big deal.

Blue Eyez doesn’t slack when it comes to producing videos for her loyal fans. She’s made more than 170 so far, and each can be downloaded and viewed without DRM restrictions. The best part is there are HD videos in the collection. Most of the videos added in the past few months have been in HD, although a few are in the old format. However, even before HD came along these were some of the highest quality teen videos you could find. The old videos run at 640x480 minimum and there are some that run higher. At that resolution you can run them full screen and they’ll still look great.

The only compromise you have to make for the high resolutions is a far larger download sizes. In general it’s ten MB for each minute of video; with the HD videos it’s 2.5 times that ratio. The HD videos are totally worth it though. I just watched one of Blue Eyez posing in a tight and tiny pair of denim shorts and it was phenomenal. An ass has never looked so good up close. They also provide a preview of the next video to be added so you’ll have something to look forward to. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll download all the videos anytime soon, given how many there are.

Most teen sites end after you’ve downloaded the videos and viewed the picture galleries. That’s not the case with PrincessBlueEyez however. First, you can make your way to the webcam section where you’ll find more than 70 picture galleries from past shows. Princess does one show per week and there’s a countdown running in the top left corner of the page to let you know when to come back to the site to see it. Best of all, you get access to the entire Phil Flash network of cam shows, which usually means two babes a day stripping on cam for you. You can check out the whole schedule and all the girls before joining, so have a look.

Blue Eyez includes a bonus section on her site and it’s all filled with content of her, which I thought was pretty cool. There are a number of picture galleries filled with random candid shots from her life, downtime at photo shoots, etc. There are also several desktop wallpapers you can use to dress up your computer. A few videos have been thrown in that were taken while a shoot was getting ready or during a time when everyone was goofing off. Finally there’s the journal, which is your best chance to get to know Blue Eyez. She’s posted more than 200 entries, most of which are exceptionally long. It’s like reading a lengthy book, which just means there’s tons of info here.

Croco’s Opinion

Teen babe sites don’t get much better than PrincessBlueEyez. First, she’s produced a ton of content over the years with more than 250 photo galleries and 170 videos. There are also countless webcam photo galleries and a live show every week featuring your favorite blue eyed babe. In addition you can watch more than 10 shows a week featuring the other babes from the Phil Flash network. I also like that Blue Eyez stays in touch with her fans by writing journal entries that detail her life and all that happens in it. If you’re looking for a good value and you like the way Princess looks then check this site out.


The design is without flaw. You can get to any content area easily. Take note that you need Internet Explorer and Java to participate in the webcam shows.

Pricing Policy

Membership is $29.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 recurring every 30 days after that. Payment is by credit card only.

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